I was born in north Colorado in small town called Loveland.  At an early age I always wanted to pursue my passion for music.  Around 16 I started writing music and recording my ideas.  That interest in recording took me to Arizona and California.  Where I met and worked with multiple artist.  In 2012 I released my first full length record call “The Signs.”  It was all of my songs that I had written over the last 10 years.  The next year I followed it up with an acoustic album called “September session.”

2018 was a big year of artist discovery for me.  I’ve begun to understand what I am as an artist.  I’ve learned I have to follow my vision.  In the past I always let other people decide what I should do.  2018 and 2019 have been a big turning point.  I have new material I’m very excited about.  I have put my focus on performing, writing and recording.  I hope that people that discover my page see it for what it is.  An artist on a journey of self discovery with a  passion for music.